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VideoCardiovascular Health (3:14 hours)
Chinese Diabetes Forum 2012: This forum provides information about cardiovascular health and self-management. Topics include basics about cardiovascular health, appropriate levels of exercise, real cases of heart disease and rehabilitation processes, and heart disease prevention. Professionals include family physician, registered pharmacist, registered dietician, cardiologist, and neurologist. (Cantonese only)

VideoSt. John’s Ambulance Demonstration (7:47 min)
St. John’s Ambulance demonstrates the basis of CPR and how to use an AED. Part of the “Cardiovascular Health” Chinese forum. (Cantonese only)

Video Hypertension and Exercise (25:05 min)
Dr. Thomas Ho, Kent Ling (pharmacist), Laura Ng (registered nurse), Jo Jo Wang (dietician) and Wendy Lam (occupational therapist) discuss some basic information about managing hypertension. The panelists answer questions about medication, diet and how to use community resources and supports. Wendy discusses the importance of physical activity and demonstrates how seniors can safely perform exercises.  This presentation is part of the intercultural Online Health Network (iCON) forum on October 13, 2018 in Richmond, BC. Delivered in Cantonese with English interpretation.