Liver Disease


Hepatitis A

Maintaining clean drinking water and food is very important in preventing Hep A

  • When boiling water or cooking, maintain water and food at 85 degrees Celsius for at least one minute to kill the hepatitis A virus
  • When traveling avoid potentially contaminated food and drinks  (with or without ice)
  • Avoid eating uncooked seafood or shellfish
  • Do not eat fruits and vegetable that are uncooked or where you are unsure how they were prepared
  • Vaccines can effectively prevent hepatitis A

Nowadays people can acquire hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccine at the same time. It is recommended that you become vaccinated if you are planning to travel to areas where hep A is prevalent.

Canadian born people can more easily become infected as they lack a natural resistance to the virus. People from areas that have high incidences of the disease may already have a natural immune response against hep A. However, they should conside vaccinating their children who were born in Canada before they travel to areas where Hep A is prevalent because the children do not have the natural immunity.

Hepatitis B

A tragic fact of Hep B is that despite the fact that an effective vaccine has become available since the 1980s the universal vaccination policy implementation has been very slow. In Asia, Singapore and Taiwan were the first countries to take precautionary measures and over the past 20 years the number of hepatitis B carriers declined by 25%. In B.C. although vaccination services have been available for several years it wasn’t until recently that a vaccination policy for infants was adopted.

A common misconception with vaccination is the false sense of security after receiving the vaccine. People think that they can not become a Hep B carrier but many people were already a carrier prior to the vaccination. The vaccination does not change a carrier’s status; they will still be a carrier.  So it is very important for people to understand their own health condition through medical examinations. One thing we can know for certain is if all the infants can be vaccinated then after a few generations Hep B will be completely wiped out.

Fatty Liver

The biggest enemy of fatty liver disease is alcohol. Obesity, diabetes and malnutrition are also possible causes of fatty liver. Strangely enough fatty food does not cause fatty liver. Therefore you can eat your favorite fatty Chinese dish.

VideoHealthy Eating, Healthy Liver (36:07 min)
The proper functioning of the liver is crucial to our well-being. Our diets greatly impact the health of your liver; Registered Dietician Jo Jo Wang shares with us some advice on how to eat healthy in order to prevent liver diseases. Delivered in Cantonese.