VideoFairchild TV mini-series
When a stroke occurs, can you recognize it? When you do notice the signs and symptoms of a stroke, what would you do? iCON network and Fairchild TV co-produced a 6 episode TV series on health, in which the content includes, stroke prevention, emergency response, recovery, and caretaker support and mental health. Multiple medical and health professionals will share this important medical information with you. You won’t want to miss out! (In Cantonese Only)
Episode 1: What is Stroke? 
Episode 2: First Episode of Stroke
Episode 3: Recovery and Rehabilitation
Episode 4: Mental Health Change
Episode 5: Family Support and Support for Caregivers
Episode 6: Prevention

BookletUnderstanding stroke
This handbook discusses the risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation and self-management of stroke. (Chinese only)

VideoUnderstanding Stroke Forum - Cantonese; Mandarin (2 hours 38 min)
September 30, 2012: This forum provides all-rounded information about stroke. Topics include risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and self-management. Professionals include emergency care physician, registered nurse, registered dietician, registered pharmacist, occupational therapist, family physician and registered physiotherapist.