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Diet and Nutrition

VideoHealthy Eating Starts Here (6:08 min)
Come explore the grocery store with BC HealthLink's dietitian Jo Jo Wang! Delivered in Cantonese.

pdfDiet and Nutrition
An infographic about the basic information of important nutrients (Chinese only)

VideoEveryday Brain Boosters (30:30 min)
Do you know what daily habits can help improve brain health? Registered Dietitian Jo Jo Wang shares about the importance of taking care of your health, healthy eating, active living, and staying connect, as well as some everyday brain boosters. Delivered in Cantonese.

pdfHealthy Eating and Everyday Brain Boosters Overview
Based on recommendations by Registered Dietitian, Jo Jo Wang, this resource provides information on Vitamin D and Calcium supplementation, the importance of proteins and fiber in diet as well as daily recommendations for a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


10 Nutrition Tips


  1. Eat regularly and have breakfast everydayfruit and vegetables
  2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables; choose orange vegetables and fruits and leafy greens
  3. Eat foods high in fiber, such as brown rice, whole wheat noodles and whole wheat bread
  4. Eat dairy products or calcium-fortified foods daily in order to consume adequate calcium
  5. Be mindful of the meat portions, choose poultry and legumes
  6. Eat at least two servings of fish a week
  7. Choose natural herbs and spices and minimize sauces high in sodium
  8. Avoid processed foods that are high in saturated fats, sodium and sugar
  9. Try different cooking methods and recipes to make cooking more fun and enjoyable
  10. Be physically active and exercise regularly; maintain a healthy weight

Roselie Lung, Registered Dietitian 

Simple Menu Samples

Simple Nutritious Menu (1)
Breakfast:     Steel-cut oats congee with fish fillets and leafy green vegetables
Snack:     Strawberries and yogurt
Lunch:     Bok choy chicken dumplings, choy sum
Snack:    Whole wheat toast with peanut butter, milk
Dinner:    Steam salmon with ginger and tempeh (fermented soybeans), broccoli, brown rice
Snack:    various types of fruits

Simple Nutritious Menu (2)

Breakfast:     Oatmeal with milk, hard-boiled egg
Snack:     Whole wheat crackers, calcium-fortified soy milk
Lunch:     Steamed rice rolls with assorted mushroom, spinach dumplings, Chinese-style chicken bun
Snack:    Nuts, calcium-fortified orange juice
Dinner:    Steamed chicken with ginger powder, fried eggplants with minced fish, red and white rice
Snack:    various types of fruits

Roselie Lung, Registered Dietitian