Health Tools

Tools to Aid Communications Between Patients and Health Professionals

The resources below are compiled by a group of medical students at University of British Columbia to help Chinese patients communicate with health care professionals.

Chinese-English Phrase Workbook (Dr. Meiying Zhuang and Dr. Wynn Tran)
A Chinese-English bilingual phrasebook created by UBC medical graduates to support clinicians for medical encounter between English speaking medical students and Mandarin speaking patients.

Chinese-English Regularly Used Medical Terms / Chinese-English Terms for Body Parts and Organs

Commonly Used Dementia Terms

These Mandarin and Cantonese resources are compiled by a group of UBC medical students Siu-Kae Yeong, Junella Lee, Rachel Jen and Claudia Cheung. Their effort and dedication in compiling these resources are very much appreciated!

Chinese-English Medical Vocabulary: Arthritis and Osteoporosis
This handout will help you effectively communicate with your healthcare provider regarding topics related to your bone health.

1.    Medical Terms Phrasebook

1.    Conversation with Doctors (includes disclosing personal and family medical  history such as drug allergies as well as personal social and living lifestyle)
2.    English Medical Terms (Traditional Chinese)

This Pinyin version of Chinese-English medical phrasebook is compiled by Grace Leung (UBC medical student) and Leo Lup Fun Leung (counselor).  Their effort and dedication are very much appreciated!
1.    Chinese-English Regularly Used Medical Terms (Traditional Chinese)
2.    Medical Terms (Simplified Chinese)
3.    Body Parts and Organs Terms A (Traditional Chinese)
4.    Body Parts and Organs Terms B (Traditional Chinese)

MedlinePlus Health Information in English and Traditional Chinese, and English and Simplified Chinese