Mental Wellness

Stress Management


breathingBreathing helps regulate heart beat levels.

1.    Pay attention to your breathing on a regular basis:  

  • First step is to pay attention to your usual breathing.  
  • Try to keep your breathing rate slow and steady.
  • Focus on your breathing rate. If it is too fast, try slowing it down.
  • Start to gradually practice deep breathing exercise (breath in deeply, and breath out deeply).

2.    Adjust and control breathing rate :  

  • When you are able to adjust from your usual breathing to deep breathing, adjust your inhale (breathe-in) and exhale (breathe-out) rates to be equal.
  • If you take 4 seconds to inhale, then take an equal 4 seconds to exhale  
  • Adjusting your breathing rate will take time, there is no need to rush.  First, you can start with 4 seconds as your inhale and exhale speed..
  • After mastering your breathing rate at 4 seconds, extend this the rate to 5 seconds, then 6 seconds, etc.

3.    Once you have controlled your breathing rate, learn to make changes to your breathing rate: 

  • For example: use 4 seconds to inhale. Pause and hold your breath for 2 seconds. Use 5 seconds to exhale. Hold your breath for 2 or 3 seconds, then spend 4 seconds exhaling.

Healthy Aging

VideoMental and Emotional Health - Panel (35:03 min)
A panel of health professionals covers several topics regarding mental and emotional health through the discussion of a case study. Topics include how to adjust mentally and emotionally as you age, challenges encountered by caregivers, and chronic mental illnesses. (Part of the “Healthy and Happy Living at Home” 2016 Chinese Forum)
Dr. Tigerson Young, Registered Psychologist
Eva Ho, Social Worker
Dr. Agnes To, Psychiatrist

VideoLiving a Healthily Aging Life (29:25 min)
With the modern medical technology advancements, life expectancies around the world is continually increasing. Registered Psychologist Dr. Tigerson Young will share with us a healthy attitude towards retirement and aging. iCON Chinese Workshop at Health Fair 2014 “Getting a Head Start: Strategies for Aging Well”. Delivered in Cantonese.

pdfLiving a Healthily Aging Life
10 tips to stay healthy and happy as you age. Taken from Dr. Young's video. (Chinese only)

VideoHealthy Ageing (30:17 min)
How much do you know about depression? Registered Psychologist Dr. Tigerson Young explains what is depression, and the treatment and related resources for depression. Part of the 2014 “Healthy Aging: Planning & Living a Healthy Life” Chinese forum. (In Cantonese and Mandarin)

pdfHealthy Aging
An infographic about depression (Chinese only)

VideoMemory and Aging (32:48 min)
Dr. Tigerson Young, Clinical Psychologist, discusses how aging impacts memory and provides strategies to maintain good memory through-out aging. iCON Chinese Workshop at Health Fair 2015. Delivered in Cantonese with Chinese subtitles.

VideoEnjoy Your Life Again (6 videos)
A Fairchild Television mini-series on mental health and wellness, produced in partnership with iCON.