Health Tools


VideoIntroduction to Digital Health (14:16 min)
Can your cell phone help with your health? Dr. Kendall Ho introduces a few reliable apps and online resources that can be of your assistance, including a few websites especially important for British Columbia residents. Part of the “Healthy and Happy Living at Home” 2016 Chinese Forum.

VideoDigital Health Resources (16:19 min)
Dr. Kendall Ho discusses how the latest smartphone apps, wearables and other technology can help support self-management. This presentation is part of the intercultural Online Health Network (iCON) forum on October 13, 2018 in Richmond, BC. Delivered in Cantonese with English interpretation.

pdfHow to Choose a Good Health App
An infographic about the points to note when selecting a suitable health app (Chinese only)

pdfDigital Health Tips and Tools
Tips on choosing digital apps that can improve health through improving fitness, meditation, deep breathing, tracking calories, etc.


10 Tips for Taking Medications

  1. Bottle of pillsDo not take any medications that have expired.
  2. Do not mix different medications in the same vial or bottle.
  3. Do not take medications that belong to other people.
  4. Before you take a medication, read the label carefully and follow the instructions when taking the medication.
  5. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns or questions about any medications.
  6. You might not see immediate results. Some medications may take a longer time than others before you see the effects, so please be patient.  Do not stop taking medications without talking to your doctor.
  7. Do not change the dosage of your medication without talking to your doctor.
  8. Store medications in a place that cannot be reached by children and pets.
  9. Do not take  medications with unidentified or unapproved ingredients.
  10. If you experience any symptoms of an allergic reaction (e.g. rash, swelling or shortness of breath) stop taking the medication and notify your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

Content provided by Kent Ling, Pharmacist

pdfMedication Management
Based on recommendations by Registered Pharmacist, Kent Ling, this resource highlights the importance of medication.


Tools to Aid Communications Between Patients and Health Professionals

The resources below are compiled by a group of medical students at University of British Columbia to help Chinese patients communicate with health care professionals.

Chinese-English Phrase Workbook (Dr. Meiying Zhuang and Dr. Wynn Tran)
A Chinese-English bilingual phrasebook created by UBC medical graduates to support clinicians for medical encounter between English speaking medical students and Mandarin speaking patients.

Chinese-English Regularly Used Medical Terms / Chinese-English Terms for Body Parts and Organs

Commonly Used Dementia Terms

These Mandarin and Cantonese resources are compiled by a group of UBC medical students Siu-Kae Yeong, Junella Lee, Rachel Jen and Claudia Cheung. Their effort and dedication in compiling these resources are very much appreciated!

1.    Medical Terms Phrasebook

1.    Conversation with Doctors (includes disclosing personal and family medical  history such as drug allergies as well as personal social and living lifestyle)
2.    English Medical Terms (Simplified Chinese)
3.    English Medical Terms (Traditional Chinese)

This Pinyin version of Chinese-English medical phrasebook is compiled by Grace Leung (UBC medical student) and Leo Lup Fun Leung (counselor).  Their effort and dedication are very much appreciated!
1.    Chinese-English Regularly Used Medical Terms (Traditional Chinese)
2.    Medical Terms (Simplified Chinese)
3.    Body Parts and Organs Terms A (Traditional Chinese)
4.    Body Parts and Organs Terms B (Traditional Chinese)

MedlinePlus Health Information in Chinese and English

Community Health Resources

VideoNavigating Community Health Resources (18:08 min)
A panel of health professionals covers several topics regarding navigating community health resources. Topics include government sponsored programs, and the importance of collaboration between home caretakers and medical professionals. (Part of the “Healthy and Happy Living at Home” 2016 Chinese Forum)
Maylene Fong, Manager, VCH
Rachel Lee, Social Worker, Providence Health
Dr. Kendall Ho, Emergency Doctor

pdfReliable Digital Health Resources
A list of trusted internet websites along with some tips for helping to select the right health apps for you.

pdfNumbers for Seniors in Vancouver
Eight telephone numbers related to senior care in Vancouver (Chinese only)

pdfChinese Mental Health Service Resources List
A list of mental health resources for the Greater Vancouver Region provided by the Canadian Mental Health Association (Chinese only)